PARALIGN Roll Alignment

A revolutionary method for roll alignment

  • Reduces machine downtime to a minimum with extremely quick set-up and service time
  • Highly accurate system for all measured rolls, even when rolls are far apart and without line of sight
  • Can be used in enclosed (housed) machinery
  • Can be used in inhomogeneous temperature profiles
  • Automatic reporting of the “as is” situation both graphically and numerically
  • On-site instant results and evaluation

PARALIGN Roll Alignment Resources 

PARALIGN Roll Alignment Brochure

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PARALIGN is a unique inertial alignment system that contains three high-precision laser gyroscopes as used in the navigation of wide-bodied jets and submarines.
The measurement results are significantly more precise, absolutely repeatable, and measuring takes a fraction of the time required by conventional procedures.
PARALIGN ‘learns’ the ideal position of the rollers on a reference roller or plate. Simply by placing the system on the next roller surface, the actual position of the individual roller is compared with the ideal alignment and the deviation is shown immediately as a graphical and numerical information on the display. The data is transmitted wirelessly to a laptop. A side view of the machine is shown, with the deviations of every measured roller from its ideal position graphically and numerically displayed.

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