Efficient laser shaft alignment

  • Alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange-mounted machines
  • Easy to use with Autoflow
  • Save reports as PDF directly onto a USB stick
  • Bluetooth communication included
  • Automatic measurement mode Active Clock eliminates user error
  • Flip machines functionality
  • *Intrinsically safe products available  

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Without overstretching your budget, SHAFTALIGN OS3 ideally combines intuitive operation and accuracy for precision shaft alignment of rotating machinery.
OS3 features a sensor with an HD XL detector and a high precision MEMS inclinometer. The Bluetooth module is included and the computer has an integrated rechargeable battery.
The system’s intuitive Autoflow capability guides the user step by step to measure the machinery alignment condition. All relevant alignment results are graphically displayed on one screen. The ambient light compensation allows measurements even in direct sunlight.
With TolCheck, smiley symbols clearly indicate the alignment status so that there is no need to interpret the results.
With the innovative Active Clock measurement mode, only 3 to 4 readings over a rotation angle of less than 70° are required to achieve a precision alignment.

Vertical and horizontal machine corrections are monitored live on the screen.
SHAFTALIGN is easily extendable through the activation of powerful options as the alignment requirements grow.
PDF reports can be generated and directly saved from the system onto a USB stick.
Our alignment software is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports.

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