VIBROTIP is the well engineered pocket tool with vibration, temperature, RPM, bearing condition and cavitation capabilities

  • 5 measurements in one instrument
  • Interface for external accelerometer and temperature probe
  • VIBCODE compatible
  • Route-based data collection with OMNITREND software
  • Rugged design for industrial usage
  • Simple 3-key operation
  • *Intrinsically safe version available   

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VIBROTIP is an extremely rugged (IP65) and easy-to-use handheld data collector for the five key indicators of machine condition:
vibration, temperature, RPM, bearing condition and cavitation.

The built-in patented Tandem-Piezo accelerometer allows you to measure machine vibration according to ISO 10816, bearing condition and cavitation using the Shock Pulse method with only one sensor.
Use the patented VIBCODE sensor to eliminate mix-ups of measurement location and type.
The OMNITREND PC software automatically archives trend data, issues warnings and alarms, and programs VIBROTIP with all the required measurements for route-based data collection.

As with all our data collectors and vibration analyzers, you will benefit from free software and firmware updates, and low ownership cost.

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